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How to remove Powered by Shopify on your Shopify Online Store

Shopify Online Store's by default will come with the message Powered By Shopify in the footer and on the Opening Soon pages. To remove the pesky message or to replace it, follow the simple steps in this post.

Have you come across the pesky Powered by Shopify message on your online store? 

More than likely, you've spent hours designing and building your Shopify website, only to find a message that you definitely don't and didn't put in your footer.

But have no fears, this post goes over exactly what you need to do to remove it. And the good news is, it's really easy to do!

But first, if you need some help designing your Shopify store, check out my post on 12 Design Secrets for Building a Shopify Store and the Top 10 Must Haves for your Website's Home Page. And as always, if you need help designing your Shopify Online store, send me a note here!

So go ahead and log into your Shopify admin account.

From there, navigate to your Online Store under the Sales Channel section and click on Online Store.

Once you click on your Online Store, Shopify will automatically place you on your Themes page. Click on the Actions dropdown menu.

Then, under the Actions dropdown menu, select Edit languages.

In the filter box, type in Powered by Shopify.

The content with that filter should automatically populate. Search for the Powered by Shopify text box under the Checkout & systems/Links section. You'll notice that there is some greyed out text that says "Powered by Shopify." Select the greyed out text, and press your space bar. This will delete the Powered by Shopify text. If there is other content that you would like to replace the Powered by Shopify text with, you can also enter it here. Click Save.

Another place you might find the Powered by Shopify text is on your Opening Soon page. If your website is still under construction, you'll find that pesky little text here too!  Follow the same steps above and search for the Powered by Shopify HTML box. Replace the greyed out text with whatever content you choose or press the space bar to have nothing. Click Save.

If you purchased a theme outside of the Shopify online store, you'll need to contact their support team for assistance on removing any text that you don't want to have on your online store.

Shopify also has a great tutorial on how to remove this message. Check it out here.

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