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The best Instagram apps for Shopify in May 2021

With Instagram being one of the most used social media platforms, it might be a good idea to connect your Shopify online store to your Instagram account. Linking these accounts can result in better brand awareness, increased social proof, and increasing your online following. In this post, I cover which apps I recommend to all of my clients and why you might want to try them out too.

In mid 2020, Instagram changed their platform to no longer allow Shopify store owners to directly embed their instagram feed into their online store.

Because of these changes, you now need to add an app to your online store to show your Instagram feed on your website.

I've tried out some of the apps that are highly rated on Shopify's online store and the majority of them aren't ones I would recommend to my readers. Here's why - they lacked customizations, features, and added extremely heavy code to your online store which resulted in a slower website load time.

Side note: For tips on increasing your Website's speed, check out my post on How to make your Shopify site fast.

But before I get into the apps, let's chat about why having your Instagram feed on your Shopify website can be beneficial.

The Best Instagram Apps for Shopify in May 2021

Why your Shopify website should include your Instagram feed

Many e-commerce brands are extremely active on many social media platforms, especially on Instagram. Instagram is a great way for e-commerce brands to attract, engage, and convert customers to social selling. 

By embedding your Instagram feed in your Shopify online store, you can build social proof for your brand, showcase brand loyalty, and increase your website engagement time. 

Now on to the fun part - which apps I recommend.

The best Instagram apps for Shopify

Covet Pics

The majority of Covet Pics functionality is free and while there is a paid plan, you might not even need it.

Covet Pics has the best layout customizations out of all the apps I've tested. This app allows you to customize how many rows you want, how many images on each row, and the number of images you want to be shown and it looks the best on mobile devices.

If you decide to upgrade to their paid plan, you can link each image to a product page on your site, ultimately making it even easier for your customers to shop your products.

Other neat features that are worth mentioning about Covet Pics:

Shoppable Instagram Feed

This app also has great layout customizations including a unique hover effect and the option to customize the "Add to Cart" button.

With Shoppable Instagram Gallery, you can also expect to receive great customer support if you are to have any issues.

Other neat features that are worth mentioning about Shoppable Instagram Gallery:

While this app does have some great features, you'll need to pay to use most of them.


Another app to check out is Instafeed. This app has a very minimal look to it but is also extremely eye catching. The minimal look is extremely valuable because it minimizes any distractions and helps customers focus on making their purchase. For more on improving User Experience, check out this post.

If you choose to use this app, I recommend upgrading to their basic plan ($3.99/month) so you can customize how this app looks on mobile devices. Without upgrading, you're limited to only having 5 images for desktop, which will be the same on mobile, and it won't look great.

Code Snippets

Almost all of the apps you can choose will require you to paste a small code snippet into your index.liquid file.

Here's how you can do this:

Note: this method not allow you to drag the position of your Instagram feed around your website. It will always be at the bottom of the page. However, if your theme has a "custom HTML" section, paste the code there and you'll be able to drag the section to wherever you wish on your page.

If adding code to your website seems like something you'd rather not mess with, send me a note! I'd be happy to help you with your Shopify store.


There are a bunch of apps that link your Instagram and Shopify website. However, most of them lack in basic functionality or are way too expensive. However, with this list I've put together, you can rest assured that you're getting one of the better apps. As apps are added and updated, I will add to this post.

If you need help creating your Shopify website, I'd be happy to chat with you. Inquire to work with me here.

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