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What is Webflow?

Webflow's platform allows you to customize everything. With a little learning, you can build a beautiful, functional site.

Essentially, Webflow s a photoshop-centric design environment for building websites that requires no coding - not even CSS!

With WF, you’re not required to install a theme or a template, instead you start off with a blank canvas and can design the entire site completely custom to you.

Templates are offered though, a decent amount of them being free. Even with a WF template, you can tweak the entire design to make it look more like your brand.

Ever been burned by one of Wordpress’s plugin failures? I sure have. Plugins are RARELY ever needed to complete a fully functional Webflow site - another great advantage.

What about their e-commerce platform?

The flexibility mentioned earlier gives you the freedom to be creative with your design. You’re definitely not limited to a standard e-commerce site and the sky is the limit. Even the checkout process can be customized to complement your entire brand.

Want to add a blog?

Webflow allows users to create your own dynamic blog  - complete with e-commerce functionalities, meaning you can integrate product listings right into your blog post!

Webflow Store Management

Webflow has one spot to mange the entire store - it’s pretty simple too!

Okay so this all sounds great - but what are the downfalls of using Webflow?

Bottom line - Webflow is great if you have some experience designing and developing websites or have some extra time to dedicate to learning the platform. I believe that the real reason someone would chose Webflow over Shopify is if you truly want a completely custom site and learning Liquid (Shopify’s coding language) just isn’t something you want to do.

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