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What to have on your Shopify Checkout page

Curious about how you can bring your branding into the checkout page on your Shopify site? In this post, I'll explain what you can and can't change and why.

Shopify checkout pages have a simple design and layout that helps with User Experience and keeping your site safe. The majority of the design cannot be changed, there are a few things you can customize. 

what you need to know about your shopify checkout page

What you can control on Shopify Checkout pages

Here's a link to get the directions for these changes.

What you can't control on Shopify Checkout pages

Why do they make checkout so limited?

To keep things simple and short, it's because they are trying to protect themselves and you. Shopify has legal and compliance requirements since they are dealing with personal information.

Why locking down the checkout page is actually good for you

Like I said earlier, they are trying to protect you. Things like third party apps and malicious code can get into your site and compromise the security of your site - AKA they can steal your customers private information. This could lead to substantial liability and is definitely something you want to avoid! If your checkout page limits the changes that can be made, your chances of keeping your customers information secure is higher.

It's also beneficial because all of the companies using Shopify for their sites have the same checkout layout. In another post, I talk about the importance of making your site familiar to help with User Experience. This is extremely important for the checkout page because it gives a sense of credibility and security for the customer. Shopify designs the carefully to minimize distractions and make the customer focus on completing their purchase. Speaking of completing the purchase...let's chat Shop Pay!

Shop Pay

Ever gone to checkout on a site that you've never been to before but somehow they know all of your information?

It's magic.

Actually, it's not. It's Shop Pay.

Shop Pay helps you check out faster when you’re shopping by automatically filling in your saved payment information and shipping information when you enter your email address at check out. 

By eliminating the need to go find your wallet for your credit card information, users have a faster and more seamless experience. Ultimately, this feature leads to more sales! 

How Shop Pay works

When a customer is checking out and they’ve entered their shipping, billing, and credit card, they can save all of their information by entering the phone number and opting in. The next time that customer goes to check out, they will receive a unique 6-digit code. 

How to enable Shop Pay

  1. From your Shopify admin account, go to Settings > Payment
  2. In the Shopify Payments section, click manage
  3. In the Accelerated Checkouts Section, check Shop Pay
  4. Click Save

But wait, Shop Pay isn't the only way to autofill information!

In fact, with Shopify, you can enable checkout buttons for Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and Paypal.

As always, if you need help creating your Shopify site, send me a note!

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